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Laminate Floor Care Solutions

Lamanator Plus was specifically designed to deep clean, restore, and shine laminate floors. It eliminates streaking, hazing, clouding & footprint tracking.  It will give you long lasting protection against liquid and moisture spills, fill and hide surface scratches & scuff marks and is Completely Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Do you find it impossible to get or keep your laminate floor clean?
Does your floor suffer from constant foot or paw print tracking?
Is your laminate floor dull looking or have scuff marks and scratches?
Have you tried other products that didn't work or made it even worse?
After spending thousands of dollars, do you now hate your laminate floor that you once loved?

Lamanator Plus will solve common complaints such as… “My floor is always streaking when I try to clean it”, “My laminate floors are dull looking and I always see footprints” and “I used something on my floor and it made it hazy and dull, what can I do?”.

It will address any and all laminate maintenance problems. It also works great on Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Vinyl Composition Tile, Vinyl, Formica, Bamboo, Cork, Linoleum, and Slate flooring. It is 100% Biodegradable and contains no harmful chemicals or corrosives.

Our premium laminate floor cleaning & restoration products offer an easy-to-use, fool-proof process that can clean, restore, protect & shine your laminate and Pergo floors to a beautiful finish that resembles a new floor, and in most cases, better than new! 


What does it do for your floors?

  • Puts a beautiful showroom shine on old or dull laminate floors
  • Helps protect the original laminate floor surface
  • Helps seal laminate flooring joints from liquid spills & moisture
  • Fills and hides minor scratches on laminate
  • Removes scuff marks
  • Deep cleans laminate flooring
  • Gives your laminate flooring a brand new look
  • Helps eliminate prints & tracking from bare feet and pets
  • Does the same thing for vinyl, cork and bamboo floors
  • Works wonders on hardwood flooring too. NO SANDING REQUIRED
  • Will take the daily punishment instead of the laminate top coat
  • Also works great on laminate tables, counter tops and cabinets

What will it remove from your floors?

  • Waxes
  • Factory Over-Spray
  • Orange Glo
  • Rejuvenate
  • Quick Shine
  • Mop & Glo
  • Vinegar & Water
  • Paint
  • Wood Solv
  • Bona 
  • Wood Pecker's Smart Shine
  • Floor Polish
  • And almost any other product that shouldn't be put on the floor


With Lamanator Plus, you will love your laminate floor again!

If you've been thinking of replacing your weathered, old, scratched or scuffed laminate flooring -- give us a try first! Our products are so easy to use and will revitalize and restore your floors. In many cases our customers are delighted to find that their old laminate floors look brand new again. Before spending thousands of dollars and creating an overwhelming replacement project, try Lamanator Plus!