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Lamanator Plus was Specifically Designed to Deep Clean, Restore, Protect and Shine Laminate Floors.  It Eliminates Streaking & Footprint Tracking And Is Completely Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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★ Do you find it impossible to get or keep your laminate floor clean?

★ Does your floor suffer from constant foot or paw print tracking?

★ Is your laminate floor dull looking or have scuff marks and scratches?

★ Have you tried other products that didn't work or made it even worse?

★ After spending thousands of dollars, do you now hate your laminate floor that you once loved?

What Is Lamanator Plus™?

A state of the art product that will get your laminate, Pergo, vinyl, cork, hardwood flooring looking as good as new. Even better!! So simple to use a ten year old kid can do it.

It will solve common complaints such as… “My floor is always streaking when I try to clean it”, “My laminate floors are dull looking and I always see footprints” and “My floor looks hazy and cloudy no matter how much I clean it”.

It will address any and all laminate problems. It also works great on Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Vinyl Composition Tile, Vinyl, Bamboo, Cork, Linoleum, and Slate flooring. It is 100% Biodegradable and contains No Harmful Chemicals or Corrosives.

Our premium laminate floor cleaning & restoration products offer an easy-to-use, fool-proof process that can clean, restore, protect & shine your laminate and Pergo floors to a beautiful finish that resembles a new floor, and in most cases, better than new! It's About Time!

What does Lamanator Plus™ do for your floors?

  • Puts a beautiful showroom shine on old or dull laminate floors
  • Helps eliminate streaking & hazing
  • Helps protect the original laminate floor surface
  • Helps seal laminate flooring joints from liquid spills & moisture
  • Fills and hides minor scratches on laminate
  • Removes scuff marks
  • Deep cleans laminate flooring
  • Gives your laminate flooring a brand new look
  • Helps eliminate prints from bare feet and pets
  • Does the same thing for vinyl, cork and bamboo floors
  • Works wonders on hardwood flooring too. NO SANDING REQUIRED
  • Will take the daily punishment instead of the laminate top coat
  • Also works great on laminate tables, counter tops and cabinets

What will Lamanator Plus™ remove from your floors?

  • Waxes
  • Factory Over-Spray
  • Orange Glo
  • Rejuvenate
  • Quick Shine
  • Mop & Glo
  • Vinegar & Water
  • Paint
  • Wood Solv
  • Bona 
  • Wood Pecker's Smart Shine
  • Floor Polish
  • And almost any other product that shouldn't be put on the floor

How Easy Is It To Do?
Here are the simple steps:

  1. Vacuum or Sweep laminate floor to remove any dirt, dust, and lint
  2. Lightly spray the Fresh Start cleaner on the floor
  3. Mop the floor with the white scrub pad (furnished)
  4. Rinse the floor with a damp microfiber pad (furnished)
  5. Let dry
  6. Spray a light coat of the Restorer laminate finish product on the floor
  7. Spread the finish evenly using the microfiber pad (furnished)
  8. Let dry ½ hour
  9. Apply second and final coat to the floor

The floor can be walked on in 1 hour; furniture can be moved back in 3 hours. It's that easy!

We see a lot of people online recommending water & vinegar to clean laminate floors. This is a big mistake!  VINEGAR IS AN ACID and each time you clean laminate with it, it eats away at the surface, dulling and potentially weakening the aluminum oxide coating of your floor.

The Problem: It starts with the Factory Over-Spray:

picture of floor before lamanator plus cleaning

It is important to understand why laminate and other engineered flooring that looks so great when first installed starts to look so bad within 6 to 12 months.

When all engineered flooring, including laminate, vinyl plank, bamboo, cork, and even some wood is manufactured, the edges of the individual boards are sprayed with either an oil or wax depending on the manufacturer. This is done to help seal the edges to help prevent moisture intrusion. As the oil or wax is being sprayed, some of the mist from the spray lands on the top of the boards. It is clear so you don’t see it. After installation this "Over-Spray" will attract cooking oils in the air and other contaminates and oils tracked into the house. That will then cause the floor to start collecting dirt, and other residue tracked in. This factory over-spray cannot be removed by simple mopping with a store bought laminate floor cleaner. 

You may wonder why the factory does not remove this "over-spray". It’s about money; It would require another production line and another step in the manufacturing process. They also don’t see this as a big problem, shortsighted as that might be in our opinion.

Many people that have laminate type floors complain about footprints from bare or stocking feet. Pets can also leave footprints on the floor. This is due to the factory over spray residue attracting dirt & oils off the bottom of feet or paws. As the floor gets dirtier and dirtier it starts to show more foot prints and paw prints and it becomes harder and harder to clean. 

What usually happens then is you go down to your local hardware or flooring store and buy some type of laminate floor cleaner, like Bona, Mop and Glow, Fantastic, Orange Glo, etc... This just adds to the problem as those so called laminate cleaning products do not take off the factory over spray, but rather mix with it, making the problem worse. They also do not adhere to the aluminum oxide coating (the super hard protective that is on top of the floor). Now your laminate floor looks streaky, smudgy and dirty all the time.

The Solution: Lamanator Plus

picture of laminate floor after using lamanator plus restorer

It's A Simple 2 Step Process:

1. Clean & Prep The Floor With The Fresh Start Cleaner

2. Mop On The Restorer Protective Finish Coating

To fix the problem you first have to get all that residue off the laminate floor, including the factory "over-spray".  Our Fresh Start laminate floor cleaner was designed to do just that, and there is no other product on the market that will do that and not hurt the floor. It doesn’t matter if the floor is brand new or ten years old, this process should be done. Once done you will never have to do that process again (unless you put something else on the floor you shouldn’t have). This process is easy to do; just follow the instruction thoroughly.

If your floor is older and worn, has scuff or scratch marks on it, or you want to increase the shine and add a layer of moisture protection on the floor, then the next step is to apply the Restorer laminate finish. This will hide the scuff and scratch marks as well as add a great shine to the floor while protecting it from liquid spills.  If you have a matte finish and want to keep it that way then put only 1 coat of Restorer. It is so simple and easy to do!

If your laminate floor is new you may forgo the Restorer product if you wish. In that case you should order the Fresh Start Kit; it does not contain the Restorer product.  This will still give your floor a thorough cleaning and rid the flooring of any over spray, waxes, or other residue and make the floor much easier to care for and maintain.  

Once the deep cleaning with the Fresh Start is done and the Restorer Finish is applied you can simply maintain the floor with our maintenance Floor Cleaner that comes in the kits. Why use our laminate Floor Cleaner? Because it will thoroughly clean & revitalize the floor and help maintain the shine, never streak and will not leave a residue. Residue collects oils and dirt in the air, again making it hard to keep the laminate floor clean. You should use this for your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. Between those floor cleanings you can use a damp mop with water only (do not use vinegar on laminate floors - as mentioned before). We recommend a microfiber mop as it also picks up bacteria, cleans better, and is easily washed. Do not add bleach or softener when washing microfiber in a washing machine.

The Kits: All kits contain everything you need to do the job, including the Mop Frame, Microfiber Cloth, Scrub Pad & Instructional DVD.

The Complete Home Kit: Generally for older laminate floors, floors that have scuff marks or scratches and floors that are just getting dull and lifeless. It can also be used for newer floors that you want a better shine and protection on. This kit contains the Fresh Start Cleaner, the Restorer Finish, and the ongoing maintenance Floor Cleaner.

The Fresh Start Kit: This kit is for new floors only. It is designed to clean the factory overspray off the laminate floor and for ongoing maintenance cleaning. If used on a new floor you will never have a problem with the floor for years. When it starts to show wear you can simply order the Restorer product making the floor look brand new again.

The Value Pack Kit has an additional bottles for larger floors and the Complete Gallon Kit is ideal for commercial applications or very large homes.

You can also order individual quart bottles or gallon jugs.


Our Restorer laminate floor finish can easily be removed using the Fresh Start cleaner. You cannot make a mistake that cannot be easily fixed. Actually, if you follow the instructions, you cannot make a mistake, as it really is a fool-proof process.

After applying the Restorer; if an area of the floor starts to wear faster than the rest of the floor, i.e., the entrance into the room that gets heavy traffic or if you simply want to touch up an area, you can easily just mop on the Restorer in that area and it will blend in great with the rest of the floor. When the floor needs to be redone after a year or two you will not have to do the Fresh Start cleaning again. Simply mop the floor with the maintenance Floor Cleaner and reapply the Restorer Finish.

What is a Laminate Floor?

cross section of laminate plank

A laminate floor is actually a picture of wood placed on melamine which is glued on a particle board and spray coated with aluminum oxide (the protective coating). All engineered flooring has this coating.  Even though the aluminum oxide coating which is the top surface (wear layer) is very thin it is 4 times stronger than wood.

Lamanator Plus™ was designed to clean and treat this aluminum oxide coating, unlike other store bought cleaners which were made for wood floors.  Our Fresh Start will deep clean your laminate floors down to the original aluminum oxide coating.  This deep cleaning will eliminate streaking, clouding or hazing.

The Restorer Finish will then adhere perfectly to the aluminum oxide coating on the floor, resulting in an easy to maintain laminate floor with a showroom shine & protection that lasts.

Why Should I Apply It To These Floor Types?

Laminate, Pergo, bamboo, and cork as well as wood floors get scuffed, scratched, and dull lookingfrom normal wear.  They can also be easily damaged by water. Laminate & Pergo type floors are the most susceptible to water. There is no water proofing applied to the sides and underside of these floorings.

When water penetrates through the joints & seams it causes the substrate layer (pressed wood) to expand and buckle. When this happens to laminate, Pergo, bamboo, or cork floors, the floor or that portion has to be replaced; real wood would have to be sanded. Our Restorer laminate floor finish helps seal those joints & seams on your new or old floor, while putting a protective shine on the floor.

As stated earlier, when new laminate & Pergo type floors are installed there is a lot of "over-spray" and dirt from the factory, you may not notice it, but it is there. This "over-spray" collects dirt and cooking oils in the air.  It cannot be removed by simply mopping the floor (even with a cleaner). Our Fresh Start floor cleaner will remove this and all other contaminates from the floor allowing the real beauty to come through.

Retail stores have sold laminate floors as 'maintenance-free floors'. But no floor is maintenance-free, they get scratched and scuffed and dull looking just like any floor surface that is walked on.

You should not use strong chemicals to clean them or it may damage the aluminum oxide coating and ruining your floor. There has been no way to keep these types of floors looking shiny and new. Waxes, Mop & Glow, Quick Shine, and those types of coatings should never be used on laminate type floors. And as stated above; these types of floors are very susceptible to water damage. Many people who bought them are not aware of this. Only a lightly damp mop, or our maintenance Floor Cleaner should be used to clean them, and spills should be gotten up immediately.

Here is the kicker, up until now there has NOT been a product made exclusively for restoring, protecting, & cleaning laminate, Pergo, bamboo, and cork floors!

Most Viewed Items

Most Viewed Items

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Lamanator Plus Floor Cleaner - 1 GallonLamanator Plus Floor Cleaner - 1 Gallon
Lamanator Plus Value Pack KitLamanator Plus Value Pack Kit

With Lamanator Plus, you will love your laminate floor again!

If you've been thinking of replacing your weathered, old, scratched or scuffed hard wood or laminate flooring -- give us a try first! Our products are so easy to use and will revitalize and restore your floors. In many cases our customers are delighted to find that their old laminate floors look brand new again. Before spending thousands of dollars and creating an overwhelming replacement project, try Lamanator Plus

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